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Wood-fire Potters' News     <  NOVEMBER  2015 >


   At my anagama 'Moby' kiln-site in the woods, I am rather busy potting and preparing for its very first wood-firing in October.  In order to discover the beauty of Mediæval vessels and make my kiln design is proper, I took my time to finish my latest 'Moby' and firewood for a few years.  Now, I am looking forward to its 10 day wood-firing soon.
   As I am getting rather too many similar inquiries on anagama from enthusiasts all over the world, I will post my replies on  'Anagama' Blog   from now on, under the category 'Anagamania'.  I will explain my anagama ideas with many photo images.  (Gas)


  I have opened 'Kintsugi Studio' and started accepting your damaged or broken ceramics needed to be restored.  More information can be found from my new 'Kintsugi Vessels' website which is due to launch very soon.  Contact details will be announced shortly.  (Gas)

for Japanese Potters in Need

   Nancy Fuller (our proposer) and five UK potters (Gas Kimishima, Svend Bayer, Phil Rogers, Yo Thom, Brigitte Colleaux) have formed an aid project team for helping the potters in Tohoku regions who are badly affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plants disasters on 11th March 2011 in Japan.  There are still a few wood-fire potters in need of our help.   It is not only Mashiko who is suffering, but also other potteries have been in much worse situations.

   Click here to visit  'Kamataki Aid Web' and 'Ganbare! Kamataki Blog'   for more information.
   We also have  Facebook 'Ganbare! Kamataki' Group   to let more people know about our activities.

   This has been our 10 year project since the horrific disaster.  Almost 4 years passed, but still 6 more years to go.  ...and in fact we got strong support from fellow wood-firers and many pottery enthusiasts.

   If you would like to support those struggling potters in the badly affected regions, Do Join Us!!

Please click the 'Gorin Tower' for ' Sentimantal Photo Journey '    >>>  

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