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'Summer in Iga' - Japan -
  I work in the woods in Hertfordshire. Yet ... Marubashira in Iga is the place I often remember in hot summer.

Thinking of ...... dragonflies, cicadas, fireflies ...... and ...... good friend, Master Furutani too.

The photo was taken in Iga Marubashira a long long time ago.
I now carry a small snapshot Nikon which is very handy for updating my website and blog.
As I love photography very much, it is rather sad for my old favourite Nikon F3 to be left in the corner.

Tsubaki (camellia) in Mashiko Vase

I enjoy 'Chabana'at home.  This flower arranging style is called 'Chabana' (it means tea flowers literally).
It has been developed over centuries for 'Wabi-cha'(rustic tea ceremony) by tea-masters centuries ago.

'Life in the U.K.'
I prefer using beautiful vessels made by other potters as often as possible.

The small flat is rather filled with my pottery collection.

' My recent photos  taken by my good friend  James Hazlewood. '

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