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             from Japanese Pottery museum collections

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(33.7 cm h. x 25.6 cm d.)
Kamakura Era (13th century)
Municipal Museum of Suzu Ware (Ishikawa)

(42.3 cm h. x 32.3 cm d.)
Muromachi Era (16th century)
Hakone Museum (Kanagawa)

(110.0 cm h.approx.)
Muromachi Era (16th century)
Fujiwara Kei Memorial Museum (Okayama)

(42.0 cm h. x 37.5 cm d.)
Muromachi Era (16th century)
Fukui Prefectual Pottery Museum (Fukui)

(40.5 cm h. x 34.4 cm d.)
Muromachi Era (1480 - date incised)
Hakone Museum (Kanagawa)

(46.8 cm h. x 36.0 cm d.)
Kamakura Era (13th century)
Tanba Old Pottery Museum (Hyogo)

" I saw those magnificent vessels when I visited Japan.
I would love to say 'Hello again!' to the beauties next time I visit the museums. "

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