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                              I hope you enjoyed my Anagama website and would come back soon again.

Email:         pottery@anagama.co.uk 
Post:          Gas Kimishima: 4 Aldbury Gardens, Tring, Herts HP23 5LT  U.K.

Tokoname  <42.0 cm h. x 37.5cm d.>
Late Heian Period (early 12th century)

Collection of  Miho Museum  (Shiga, Japan)

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    I somehow managed to create this very first website of mine years ago and have kept updating so far.  Old graphic skills from my designer period (70's & 80's) in Tokyo helped me with web-designing.  But I must not forget my U.K. friends who gave me useful advice and who helped correcting my aweful English texts.  Without their invaluable support, my 'Anagama' website would never have been finished.  Many thanks all of you!!   (Gas)

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